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Early Childhood Programming 2017-18

Posted by Cassie Nentl at 4/5/2017

One of the many exciting components of our district’s building project is the moving of both Early Childhood programming and kindergarten back into the elementary schools. A 2015 community survey clearly indicated that our district families want their children to attend school in their home community. The AAS Early Childhood Task Force (composed of district administrators, Early Childhood, and Community Education staff) with valuable input from community members and the Early Childhood Parent Advisory Council, worked diligently to provide the highest-quality programming options available, based on the following principles:

  1. Best Practice - The Minnesota Department of Education, based on research, strongly encourages districts to provide four-year-old programming that meets for a minimum of 350 hours/year to ensure students acquire the skills necessary to be successful in kindergarten.
  2. Decreased Transitions - Promoting continuity throughout the day for children in early childhood programming reduces anxiety and, in turn, nurtures academic and social/emotional success in school. Our Preschool Camp model is one way we are decreasing student transitions.
  3. Developmentally Appropriate - Our licensed early childhood educators already differentiate curriculum for all students, and our Preschool Camp model (split sections for 3’s and 4’s, programmed by teachers) will ensure our students receive the most  developmentally appropriate programming possible.
  4. Supporting our Families - Our goal is to prepare all children for entrance into kindergarten. In order to do so, we are continuing to offer full-time options, which now include Preschool Camp and Wrap-Around Care, to help enhance preschool access for our families and ensure our students are prepared for kindergarten.


Preschool Registration for the 2017-18 school year will be held on Thursday, April 6th at 6pm at Avon Elementary. To learn more about the 2017-18 Early Childhood programming options and to print paperwork, please visit our website at and select Community Education, Early Childhood, or call our office at (320) 845-5060.  


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