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Letters to Santa

Posted by Sonya Hoffarth at 12/23/2016

Elvin and Mrs. Clause forgot to wash Santa's suit.....washed it at the last minute and put it in the dryer where it shrunk. Not to worry, though: Avon’s fourth graders were given the task of engineering a new suit for Santa, complete with the functionality and protection Santa might need on his annual tour. After creating the suit, the fourth graders wrote a letter to Santa explaining why their suit would be Santa’s best choice. Those letters made it only so far as Mrs. Hoffarth’s junior English students, who assisted Santa and his elves (it is a busy time of year, you know) as they focused on quality control and the selection of the new suit. 

After assessing the writing and offering writing suggestions to the fourth graders, Mrs. Hoffarth’s students selected the suit they deemed best for jolly old St. Nick and wrote messages, in Santa’s name, back to the hard-working fourth graders, thanking them for their ingenuity, encouraging them to read a good book over the holiday break, and other messages Santa might need delivered.
Santa will be well-equipped to make the trip come Christmas eve. 
Three Students read letters
High School student studies santa suit
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