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Mrs. Braschayko's Fourth Graders: How to Make a Reindeer Purse (Featured Blog)

Posted by Madisen - 4th Grader at 12/14/2016

Do you like reindeer? Here is the materials you need to make a reindeer bag.You will need brown or gold ducktape,white ducktape,small empty tissue box,any color you want for the handle and scissors.You can put small things in it but they have to be light so you dont break the bag like coins or small rocks that are light.

Supplies for project: 3 rolls of tape, tissue box, scissors, and a velcro sticker

First,you need to gather all the things you need.Once you have all the things you need you take the small tissue box and put brown or gold duck tape all over it but make sure you don’t cover the hole.

Covered tissue box with hole on top

Next you make 4 legs by taking 4 pieces of brown or gold tape about 2 inches long and fold it the long way and take a tiny piece of tape the same color you need to put 2 on each side.

After that you can take black tape and fold it so all the corners are touching at the top then tape them on. You need to make 4 of them if you want be taped on the bottom of the legs then take white tape and make it look like reindeer’s antlers. You can pick how to do them.

Covered tissue box with tape legs added    Covered tissue box with legs and antlers

Now you take a long piece of tape of tape any color and fold it the long way then and put a little piece of tape and tape it on the short sides of the box and that’s your handle.

Finally make the head by taking a piece of tape gold or brown and tape it on the top you can make it whatever shape and size and the sticky side tape stuff on the back and you can  add eyes if you want.

Handle added

You can use this for christmas gifts or you can just use it to decorate.

Finished reindeer box

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