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  • Albany Elementary is Moving in the Morning!

    Posted by Ann Schultz at 9/26/2016 5:00:00 PM

    Physical Education teachers Annette Brewer and Grant Johnson have started the Albany Elementary 100 Mile Club. Students in grades 1-6 are invited to come to school early on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday mornings from 7:30-8:00 a.m. to run and/or walk. Approximately 70 students have signed-up with an average of 30-40 students participating each day. Students keep track of the laps they run or walk on a punch card; each full card indicates that students have gone 6.25 miles. Students seem to be very motivated to get to the 100-mile goal.


    Students take advantage of a warm morning to run outside.

    A group picture of our runners/walkers.

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  • Homecoming Royalty

    Posted by Ridell Curtis at 9/22/2016


    As part of the homecoming activities this week, the coronation of the king and queen took place at the high school this Monday morning.  Students in grades 7-12, along with parents and friends gathered in the gym to watch the crowning ceremony.  Congratulations to Bethany Christen and Alex Wolf our 2016 homecoming King and Queen!


    When asked what it meant to them to be a homecoming representative for their grade court members answered:

    “It means a lot that the whole class picked you to represent them and it is an honor”- Becca

    “I like it and I am very honored to represent us for homecoming”- Derek

    “I was proud that my classmates chose me and that I had the right characteristics” - Hannah

    “I feel honored that people see me as a respectful and kind person” - Travis

    When asked what they were most nervous about going into Monday's coronation, 14 of the 18 court members members said walking into coronation itself.  They had no need to worry, it went flawlessly.

    The Court spent their afternoon at the elementary schools reading to and visiting with elementary students.  The interactions with the younger students was the highlight of many of the candidates day:

    “The kids knew who I was and kept asking all these questions.  They were so excited” - Ethan

    “I was told by a second grader to never get a girlfriend”- Adam

    “I was called a princess all the time and asked where I specifically live” - Gracen

    “A girl told me that me and my band should get really famous” - Travis

    A special thanks to the Juniors on the Homecoming Coronation Committee for coordinating the day and our MC’s leading us through the coronation ceremony. What a wonderful way to kick off the homecoming 2016 week at AHS.


    Click here for more pictures from the candidates' day!

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  • Life Transcends the Game

    Posted by Scott Buntje, Activities Director at 9/12/2016

    September 2016 has already seen two extremely impactful events for not only Central Minnesota, but for all of America. The remains of Jacob Wetterling were found after 27 long years for his family and friends, and September 11th brought the 15th anniversary of the horrific attacks on America. These are both reminders of what truly is important in life - family, friends, our relationships with others, and trying to make our community a better place for all. They are also great reminders of ways that we can use the events and activities we enjoy to make an effort to help all around us remember these things and make a positive impact in some way on others.

    These are things we try to teach our students here at AHS, and extra curricular activities are a great place to do this. The home football game vs. Cathedral on Friday, Sept 9th provided an opportunity to not only see an exciting Huskies win, but take time to reflect on some of the more important things in life. Before kickoff, the Albany Huskies and Cathedral Crusaders lined up on their respective 11 yard lines and a moment of silence was observed for Jacob Wetterling followed by a message based on a statement from the Jacob Wetterling Foundation:

    Number 11 was Jacob’s soccer jersey number. The Jacob Wetterling Foundation asks people to pledge to do 11 good deeds in Jacob’s name and make a commitment to live with 11 traits that will create a culture of kindness and compassion- Be Fair, Be Kind, Be Understanding, Be Honest, Be Thankful, Be a Good Sport, Be a Good Friend, Be Joyful, Be Generous, Be Gentle with others, Be Positive.


    Albany Area football players and opponents line up on the 11 yard line to honor Jacob Wetterling.

     What a great message and reminder for everyone, young and old, in attendance. This was followed by our National Anthem, a song that means so much to so many and is an opportunity to reflect on the things that bring us together as a nation.

    I am always proud when I see our students doing things that will bring help to others. At halftime our football team hosted a “Tackle Cancer” fundraiser with all of the proceeds going to cancer research. Ninth grade football players held blue tackling dummies on the game field. For a donation, spectators got a chance to show off their skills and tackle the dummy for all to see.


     Participants showed off their tackling skills during halftime of last Friday's football game to raise money to battle cancer.

    Many of our teams and activities take part in volunteer work to aide or raise money for various charities and groups - cross country, swim, wrestling, basketball, the list goes on and on. This past weekend saw one other of these events. Members of our Huskies Football and Volleyball teams took Sunday evening and helped at the St. Cloud Miracle League - a baseball league for people with physical and mental handicaps. Our baseball and softball programs have been volunteering at the Miracle League in the spring for many years. This is yet another example of our students taking advantage of the things they enjoy to hopefully help bring joy to others.


    Huskie athletes participate in Miracle League this past weekend.

    There are times when life brings things we can’t explain or control and we need others to help get us through - the lessons our young people are learning will hopefully help them learn to reach out to others when they need to, and be there for others in return.

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  • Albany Special Olympics Receive “Achievement in Education” Award

    Posted by Tim Wege at 8/15/2016

    The St Cloud Area Morning and Noon Optimists club recognized the Albany School’s Special Olympics program on Wednesday August 10th with their Achievement in Education Award. Becky Bartz and Wendy Hanson were at the breakfast to accept the award and summarize some of the many activities that take place through Special Olympics. Ms Bartz and Ms Hanson have coached Special Olympics for over 20 years and have also been coaches for the Minnesota Special Olympics Team competing nationally. Ms Hanson explained, “The students work hard and it is fun to be a part of their success." She also explained how Kylie Bartz was an integral part in developing a partner organization called Club REDD. (Respect Every Dang Day) This organization has raised money for Special Olympics Minnesota through the polar plunge and has worked with Albany students to create campaigns like “Spread the word to end the word” bringing awareness to the offensive nature of the use of the word “retarded”. 

    Thank you Wendy and Becky for your dedication and hard work in making the Albany Special Olympics the success it is today.


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  • Spartan Challenge

    Posted by Alex Evan at 8/8/2016

    On Thursday, July 28th seventeen Huskie athletes attended the 2016 Spartan Challenge at Rocori High School. The Spartan Challenge is a weightlifting competition that measured athletes strength and agility through six different events: power clean, bench press, back squat, vertical jump, pro agility drill, and the 40 yard dash. Using the MPPO (most pounds per ounce) score the Challenge was able to level the playing field between athletes of all sizes, taking the combined weights of all the events and dividing by the athletes body weight. The Challenge was a welcome event for our H.I.T.S. athletes who were looking to take all their hard work in the weight room this summer to the competitive level.



    While the Spartan Challenge was a competition it was also a great learning opportunity for our lifters. Staff members offered short lessons on technique and motivation to athletes during their events. One of those staff members was Nick Tylutki, a world renown USA powerlifter from the area. Nick Tylutki is a seven time national champion and a world silver medalist powerlifter, who had some great things to say about our athletes! Our Huskies were truly learning from some of the best!

    The Huskie athletes smashed many of their own personal lifting records that were taken at the beginning of the H.I.T.S. program this summer, and many of the athletes saw great success at their first competition. Most Albany athletes scored above the average MPPO (most pounds per ounce) and some greatly exceeded it, the highest being a tie between Gabe Zierden and Ethan Hylla. A very impressive feat for all the Huskies considering there were nearly 250 competitors.


    While all the Huskies had a outstanding day of lifting two athletes reigned supreme, Maddie Schmitz and Amber Swarthout. As Albany’s only two female athletes at the Spartan Challenge Maddie and Amber did not disappoint, coming home with five medals between the two of them. Amber earned first place in the bench press and pro agility drill, while Maddie earned second place honors in the power clean, third place in the 40-yard dash, and third place in the bench press. Way to go girls!!

    For now, our athletes will be finishing out the H.I.T.S. program in preparation for the upcoming fall athletic season!

    Albany Spartan Challenge Athletes:

    Spanier, Mitchell     

    Swenson, Jake   

    Wenning, Devin     

    Meyer, Owen

    Koltes, Jake     

    Huberty, Carter   

    Killmer, Joshua     

    Hylla, Ethan     

    Hause, Taylor     

    Zierden, Gabe   

    Butkowski, Hunter     

    Swarthout, Amber

    Schmitz, Maddie     

    Amdahl, Anders   

    Solis, Roberto    

    Wolf, Alex  

    Solis, Javier 

    Special thanks to Mike Kleinschmidt and Scott Buntje for their help at the Spartan Challenge this year!



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